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You can get here detailed information about the Flow-K uroflowmeter, developed by us in Dnipro, Ukraine.

Flow-K is designed to investigate the urodynamics disturbances of the lower urinary tract. It is based on the registration of the urine flow rate changes during urination. It provides a graphical flow rate recording and the urination velocity parameters calculation. The determination of these parameters provides a simple and reliable method of the urodynamic functional estimation according to the principles of the evidence based medicine. [Read more - Uroflowmetry and Measured parameters Sections]

Flow-K is 2-4 times cheaper than analogues at similar or better characteristics. We do not maintain a staff of some dozen people and we offer our device at first hand. It allows reducing the price and make uroflowmetry is accessible not only to the western health care system, but also to clinics and hospitals all around the world. [Read more - in the section Technical characteristics and Device advantages]

Besides, Flow-K has a software with a friendly, intuitive interface and a manual, which allows you to study the device very quickly and get it down to work immediately. [Read more - Software]

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Software version 1.12 released. In new version:

  • The possibility of a combined study involving uroflowmetry and electromyography (EMG). Construction of a single graph and EMG-stimulator unit control.


The Flow-K uroflowmeter international website launched.