Flow-K uroflowmeter is equipped with the software having a friendly, intuitive interface. The program is well understood for a person who even has no skills of working with a computer.

The software provides the following functions:

  • uroflowmeter control – the beginning and the end of the study;
  • patient’s data entry;
  • automatic uroflow parameters calculation;
  • automatic uroflow nomograms construction;
  • printing and saving study results.

All the necessary operations can be assigned to specific key or key combination on your keyboard.

The uroflow parameters are immediately displayed on the screen after study carried out. Uroflow nomograms and print forms can be viewed on separate tabs exactly as same as they will be printed.

Patient’s data (name, age, gender) and diagnosis can be entered to the program and outputted while printing.

Choosing of one of several pre-stored conclusion / diagnosis templates is supported.

You can save an unlimited number of research results useful for the analyzing of patient’s condition changes at any time.

Flow-K uroflowmeter software

We are constantly working to improve the software, adding new features and making it even more convenient. Free of charge new versions are provided to our customers when we update the software.